October 3, 2016


ESL One Fans Show Love for Their Favorite Gaming Teams

After witnessing some crazy intense gaming, attendees of ESL One in Brooklyn made their picks for which teams they feel are elite enough to make the finals.

"I'm really going for Team Fnatic. I've seen them doing pretty good, and I see that they can probably make it to the final round," says one fan. A fellow Fnatic supporter, who has "rooted for them pretty much forever," described the team as "prolific."

"I'm most excited to see Fnatic finally clean up and prove that they actually are a five-star team," she adds.

Fans also commented on the crowd energy at Barclays, filled with thousands whose cheers and shouts of support truly made ESL One a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

"Normally when you're at home, you're watching the games by yourself, and you can kind of hear the commentators...But being with the other players and actually knowing what's going on, feeling the energy of the room—that's something that you can't get at home."

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