October 2, 2016


LI Joe Awed By How Far eSports Has Come: Watch

Street Fighter darling and one of eSports' most dominant players, Joe "LI Joe" Ciaramelli has come a long way since his arcade days. Fuse spoke with the Long Island native at this year's ESL One tournament in Brooklyn, where the pro gamer discussed how much his line of work has grown.

"People are getting sponsored. Companies are investing in us. People are interested in what we're doing," says Ciaramelli. "It's important to me because this is what I love, man. I've been doing it since I was literally three years old, and I've never stopped."

Although unable to compete at ESL One, the FGC star revealed that he's 100 percent backing his buddy Justin Wong in what he calls a "mini Evo" tournament.

"[Justin] is honestly my fighting game idol. The things he's done for the community, how he's grown as a player, how he's grown as a person—that is what I strive to be and play like."

For more about Wong, check out Fuse's exclusive interview with the Evil Geniuses member below: