October 2, 2016


Watch ESL One Players & Host Paul "ReDeYe" Chaloner Talk Life Outside of eSports

In real life, professional gamers suffer from injuries like any other sports players. While training hard and playing one can easily experience wrist, muscle and strain injuries—as with other sports competitors, they need downtime to recover, too. During ESL ONE New York we sat down with eSports host, Paul Chaloner and a few Team Liquid and G2 Esports players to talk about their lives outside of gaming.

"I go to the gym. That's like one thing I always try to focus on is exercise. I went to school for it, so I know like what exercise can do for you," says the Team Liquid player JDM64. "Once you work out and you're healthy and feel healthy, I think it makes you feel better. It's like a mental thing," Nitro adds.

G2 Esports player Shox agrees it's good to keep a balance between video gaming and real life. Watch above as Chaloner and players explain what it's like to be a professional game player and what their activities are apart from the sport.