October 3, 2016


ESL One Players & Producer Talk Expectations for The Brooklyn Beatdown: Watch

At any open tournament there is always a chance for a gamer from off the street to jump into a competition and beat a top player—senior manager and producer of ESL One, Joshua Gray explains. Fans, internationals and top players were excited for the first Street Fighter V offline tournament at ESL One New York where participants battle for a $75,000 prize.

Although part-time players have challenged and beat top players in the past, many feel it's not as easy as it appears. One pro gamer, CR Footwork, thinks someone can absolutely come off the street and knock off a top player:

"You never know there are killers everywhere. They kind of simplified Street Fighters V now to make it so like people who see top players such as myself or others they say, 'Hey, he's really really good. If I practice or put this amount of time in I can do that good.' And they come out and do better than expected."

Watch above as Joshua Gray, CR Footwork, Pag Virgo and more voice their opinions on open tournaments, and then check out Justin Wong's top 5 Street Fighter themes below: