October 4, 2016


Frenship Explain the 'Labor' That Made Their 'Capsize' Single Blow Up

Frenship have been making waves with their song "Capsize" for months now, and in September, they gave fans something else to obsess over. They dropped their Truce EP, which, of course, includes "Capsize," but also features four brand new songs.

James Sunderland and Brett Hite hit up the Fuse studios to talk about their new project, explaining the crazy hard work and heavy editing process that went into Truce.

"We labor over our songs," they said. "Rewrite 'em and rewrite 'em again until it feels right. A lot of the rewrites are to find the authenticity. I think it's a natural think to emulate other songs when you're writing. A lot of that isn't authentic."

Check out "Capsize," featuring Emily Warren:

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