October 5, 2016


Rob $tone Reveals the Meaning Behind 'I'm Almost Ready' Mixtape: Interview

Rob $tone already stamped his name on the rap world with the incredibly infectious "Chill Bill" single, and the 21-year-old continues to prove why he's one to watch with his I'm Almost Ready mixtape, released on Sept. 8. Watch above as the Fuse First artist divulges in the meaning behind its title.

"This year has just been a drastic change for me. I turned 21, I had a kid, I got a deal," the charmingly shy rapper explains. "So it's just me getting ready for this whole new chapter of my life. So that's where the title comes from."

$tone also discusses collaborating with fellow rappers Nate Fox and Denzel Curry, as well as his upcoming tour. Below, watch the artist break down his musical influences. Throughout the next month, tune in to see the music video and lots more exclusives with our new Fuse First artist Rob $tone on Fuse, Fuse.tv and on the new Fuse TV app on Apple and Android.

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