October 28, 2016


Robin Lord Taylor Talks Initial Fan Backlash Over Playing the Penguin on 'Gotham' (1)

Robin Lord Taylor snagged the chance of a Hollywood lifetime when he got the role of the Penguin for Fox's hit series Gotham. But with such a huge role comes a huge amount of passion from the fans who love Batman's famous nemesis, and the actor says it wasn't all positive.

"We got a lot of blowback and skepticism," he recalls of the initial announcement of Gotham. "Which is fair, I totally get it. People have ownership over these characters, they take it very seriously. When my casting was announced, I got a lot of it too. Like, 'He looks too much like this!' or 'He looks too much like that!' or 'He's not enough this, not enough that.' I never experienced that before."

Luckily, since Gotham's premiere our guy has found positive feedback from fans. "It's gratifying to know we're on the right road with we're doing with this character," he says.

Gotham airs on Mondays at 8/7c on Fox. Watch the full interview above and then check out Robin explain how being gay and bullied helped him prepare for his role as the Penguin.