October 19, 2016


Jake Miller on His Musical Dream: 'I See Myself Being a Justin Timberlake One Day'

Jake Miler has already captured the hearts of teen girls, but now the internet sensation wants to take his career to the next level. The 23-year-old rapper spoke with Fuse about the creation of his Overnight EP, which was released in August.

The artist, who sees himself being a jack of all trades like Justin Timberlake in the future, recalls the making of the project's title track. "It was a feeling I've never gotten before when I ever made a song," Miller says. "Just because it's not only special and different and bigger than my previous music. It was the perfect vibe that I was looking for."

Miller continues to dive into the EP's overall relationship theme, and making sure he creates music that he and fans can relate to. Below, watch the artist tell us about why he recently decided to learn how to play the piano: