October 13, 2016


JoJo Tells the Story Behind 'Mad Love's' First & Last Track (1)

We're only one day away from JoJo's Mad Love album, which officially marks her comeback and launches a new era of the onetime child wonder. At 25, the singer is returning with her third album, her first in 10 years.

So, after emerging from a legal battle that barred her from releasing music on a label, JoJo is more than ready to show the world a new side of her, and the title track is the first song to start that era. When Miss Levesque visited Fuse, she told us about writing that track, and how it signifies the type of love that you just can't get away from.

"'Mad Love' is one of the first songs that I wrote for this album, and it kind of set the tone," JoJo said.

"The song comes from a place of talking about a bit dysfunctional relationship, just knowing it's kinda going nowhere. It's not necessarily the best. It's kind of draining. But you don't know if you've experienced real love before so you've settled for this 'mad love.'"

In the interview above, JoJo also talks about the last song on her album, "Music," which tells the story about how music has always been there for her.

"Even when other things are a bit up and down, my relationship with music has been the most consistent in my life," she said. "I ask the question, 'Who would I be without you?' for a long time, I didn't know how to separate myself from music, and I still don't."

Below, watch JoJo explain her 10-year hiatus: