October 14, 2016


My First Gig: Kyng Were Definitely Underage at Their First Shows

Kyng have been a band for nearly 10 years, but that doesn't mean the members didn't play lots of shows (with lots of different bands) before they formed. In this edition of our My First Gig web series, Kyng drummer Pepe Clarke and singer/guitarist Eddie Veliz reflect on their first time performing live in public.

Pepe's first gig? He was just 16, so he had to be snuck into an 18+ club in Juárez, Mexico to play with the band. "The singer was 22 and I remember when I met him I was like 'Why is this old guy still in a band?'" he remembers laughing.

Eddie was even younger. "I must've been 14... 15?" Eddie figures while remembering his first-ever live show. He and his friends had a band and planned a big backyard party. Unfortunately, "We had no f-ckin' friends," he says laughing.

Want more? Watch Kyng tell us how their Hispanic heritage influences their music: