October 14, 2016


New York Comic Con 2016 Interview: Rapper Chris Webby Discusses Love for Nostalgic Video Games

New York Comic Con 2016 brought together international fans of comics, games, movies and TV, and some even included your favorite artists. We caught up with rapper and self-proclaimed nerd Chris Webby at the event, who chatted about his longtime appreciation for video games.

"I'm very fascinated with the nostalgic '90s and '80s era of pop culture. My original nerding out as a kid was definitely a combination of [Super Mario Bros.] because I grew up with a NES in my house," he explains. "From the day I was born, it was already there. It was a mix of Mario, Nintendo culture and Ninja Turtles."

Watch above as Webby talks about sampling Spice Girls and 98 Degrees in his latest mixtape, Webster's Laboratory 2, and his clothing collaboration. For more NYCC fun, check out our roundup of the most exciting news and trailer releases.

Also, watch Chris Webby reveal his hip-hop influences in a throwback Fuse interview: