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My First Gig: Rey Mysterio Recalls First Wrestling Match at 14

"I was able to do my first dive in my first match, and it's something that stayed with me," the 'Lucha Underground' and WWE wrestling star remembers.

Usually our My First Gig web series features musicians revealing their first live shows, but today's episode is a bit different. To celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month, Fuse has been honoring stars contributing to what we call Future Hispanic History.

In this edition of My First Gig, professional Mexican-American wrestling superstar Rey Mysterio tells us about his first-ever wrestling match in Tijuana, when he was just a 14-year-old boy! "I kept on bugging my uncle that I wanted to be part of a wrestling match," Rey remembers.

Rey Mysterio first took the wrestling world by storm in 2002 when he made his WWE debut. After 13 years competing in the WWE, Rey now stars in the El Rey network wrestling series Lucha Underground.

Want more? Watch Rey Mysterio reveal his top-five favorite wrestlers ever:

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