October 7, 2016


Rey Mysterio Lists His Top 5 Wrestlers: Watch

Holding twenty-one titles, Óscar Gutiérrez (a.k.a. Rey Mysterio Jr.) is obviously an expert when it comes to the wrestling game. The Mexican-American wrestler who is one of our highlights in our Future Hispanic History Month, stopped by Fuse to chat about his top 5 wrestlers of this time.

Mysterio goes into great detail while listing five contenders above. One in particular is Mexican wrestler Rey Fénix:

For me I see a lot of myself in him. He's got the moves man, he's got the skills. He's still maturing and you can see his development skills. And he'll eventually be a main eventer right off the back man. But he was actually a Lucha Underground champion in season 1. So I gotta give him credit for accomplishing that in the first season.

Now that you know Rey Mysterio's top 5 wrestlers, watch him discuss why the El Rey Network's hit series 'Lucha Libre' is a refreshing take on wrestling programs: