October 31, 2016


Robin Lord Taylor Tells Wild Story of How He & Carol Kane Got Paul Reubens on 'Gotham'

In a delightfully unexpected move for longtime Batman fans, Gotham snagged Paul Reubens to play The Penguin's father on the hit FOX show, getting the comedian to reprise the role he originally played in the 1992 movie, Batman Begins.

Robin Lord Taylor, who plays The Penguin on Gotham, revealed the wild story of how he and Carol Kane (who plays The Penguin's mother on Gotham) made the casting come about, thanks to a spontaneous breakfast date.

Watch Robin gush over Reubens, Kane and more above. Gotham airs on Mondays at 8/7c on Fox.

Below, watch the actor explain why growing up overweight and gay helped him connect with The Penguin: