October 13, 2016


#TBT 2005: Korn Coached Snoop Dogg for 'Twisted Transistor' Video

Fans of Korn are well aware of the metal band's knack for creative music video concepts, and "Twisted Transistor" was no exception. The lead single off their seventh album See You on the Other Side, "Twisted Transistor" was brought to life via a crew of hip-hop stars.

In a 2005 interview with Fuse, frontman Jonathan Davis explained that the video was inspired by actual events but "took them to another level."

"We came up with the idea of our friends—hip-hop stars—to play us in the video. We take them and put them into this rock 'n' roll setting...kind of over-the-top, Spinal Tap kind of vibe," he said.

Guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer recalled coaching Snoop Dogg, who played Shaffer in the video. "I really worked hard on coaching Snoop. I had to actually show him what to do with the pick. I said, 'It's a guitar pick, man! You pick the strings with it!'"

Check out the exclusive #TBT moment, and then peep Fuse's Back of the Class podcast interview with Brian "Head" Welch below: