October 21, 2016


The 'Uproarious' Stars Used to Be Major Troublemakers

Getting busted for doing something inappropriate is never fun (at the time), but it sure makes a good joke. The Uproarious comedians shared their best "getting caught" stories, and let's just say some were...more aggressive than others.

"I was caught hunching when I was five," says Orlando Leyba. "It's kind of like dry humping. I didn't know what I was doing, but I was caught dry humping with my next door neighbor."


David Perdue took it up a notch when he cut off his brother's finger while making a smoothie. "I did drink the smoothie. It was real good. I remember it was the last of the strawberries and the bananas, and I wasn't gonna let them go to waste," the comedian explains.

And for those who have ever stashed things from their parents, Chris Charpentier totally relates. His basement treasures—pornos, weed, everything—were unfortunately exposed.

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