October 14, 2016


'Uproarious' Comedians Share Their Shameless Drunk Stories

The stars of Uproarious have probably been drunk once or twice in their lives, so out of curiosity, what sort of drunk shenanigans have they gotten into?

Comedian Erik Bergstrom recalls a time when he woke up in Harlem from a night of heavy partying. "I woke up in a stranger's apartment in Harlem. I saw a paper bag...grabbed it, threw up into it, and as I was throwing up, I saw it was full to the brim with family photographs."

If you're Doug Smith, you went the shoplifting route as a 31-year-old grown man stealing a candy bar.

"I used to get super drunk and just steal candy bars from bodegas," he admits.

Find out how comedians Abby Rosenquist and Jesus Trejo dealt with inebriation, and then check out some genius dating hacks courtesy of Uproarious: