October 7, 2016


'Uproarious' Stars Sound Off on Pros & Cons of Social Media

Becoming a stand-up comedian used to involve penning your own jokes and bravely delivering them in front of an audience, but with the explosion of Twitter and other social media platforms, the stand-up game has totally changed.

"It used to be where stand-up comics only had the stage. Now I have social media, where I can bomb as well. So I have two platforms to bomb. It's really groundbreaking," says Jesus Trejo.

But if you're like Doug Smith, you might only bomb on one platform.

"Sometimes [jokes] will blow up on Twitter...and then you'll try it out on stage, and it'll totally eat shit. And you're just like, 'Okay, well I guess that's just an online joke,'" he explains.

Perhaps Ben Moore summarized Twitter most accurately by adding, "An infinite amount of monkeys with typewriters, they say, would eventually write the works of Shakespeare. And I think now we have an infinite amount of monkeys on typewriters, and it's called Twitter."

Watch more from the Uproarious comedians below: