October 7, 2016


Watch Video Gamers Get Roasted on 'Uproarious'

When it comes to video gaming, the stars of Fuse's new stand-up series Uproarious are either indifferent or just straight up against gamers.

Comedian Kyle Ayers admits that while he has "ruined multiple friends' Xbox score ratios," he doesn't know what that phrase even means. David Gborie adds, "I don't play shit. I play the streets," while Gabe Dinger insists that he basically only cares about Candy Crush.

Other comedians, like Jackie Fabulous and Shane Torres, appeared extremely offended by gamers.

"These are the kinds guys that, when you come over, they want to watch every episode of The Sopranos—as a date," Fabulous says. "You're an asshole who thinks your mouse is my clitoris."

Torres called out gamers who wear obnoxious headgear. "It's a lot of gear to do nothing. If you have a helmet on, you should be riding a bike or filing a lawsuit against the NFL for a concussion."

Find out what your favorite comedians' dating hacks are below: