October 14, 2016


WTF Do You Do? Pro Wrestling Trainer Amazing Red Takes You Inside His School

For our new web series WTF Do You Do? Fuse's own Juan Cadavid headed to Brooklyn's House of Glory wrestling school to chop it up with head trainer (and professional wrestler himself) Amazing Red.

Amazing Red, née Jonathan Figueroa, started wrestling at 16 when he and his cousins convinced now-retired pro wrestler Mikey Whipwreck to train them at the famous House of Hardcore school. Having been in the biz for 18 years now, Amazing Red took us inside his school and showed what it takes to become a pro wrestler.

Above, watch the longtime wrestler explain why a good match is about each participant caring about and helping their opponent, not being selfish for a win. A good wrestler knows what will actually break or snap easily, versus what you can work without causing real damage.

When talking about his love for training new wrestlers, Amazing Red says "They make me feel alive...they make me feel I'm here for a reason."

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