November 17, 2016


'Besterday' Podcast: 'AAAArrry Pottahhh, Lil' Kim, 'Beauty & the Beast'

WAZZZZZZZZUPPPP! Welcome back to Emilee and Bianca's Besterday podcast, where we take a trip down '90s and '00s memory lane. Besterday is Fuse's weekly pop culture nostalgia podcast that reminds you of all the throwback one-hit-wonder jams you listened to on your Walkman and the classic Nickelodeon shows you craved.

We also break down the latest news on upcoming movie remakes and television franchise updates, since it seems like Hollywood canNOT stop rebooting our favorite franchises (whether we like it or not).

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This is what we have crackin' this week:

  • ALL of Michael Jackson's anniversaries, including the infamous balcony incident
  • A Tribe Called Quest's final album
  • Sailor Moon coming to theaters again (get it, girl)
  • Chelsea, a.k.a. Anneliese van der Pol, returning for the That's So Raven spinoff
  • Lil' Kim's naught AF lyrics on Hardcore, which celebrates 20 years this week
  • Beauty and the Beast's 25th anniversary and Emma Watson's new trailer
  • Shakira's Laundry Service (including Bianca and Emilee's Shak impressions)
  • The genius of The Bernie Mac Show
  • 'AAArrry Pottaahhhhhh (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone turns 15)

And, of course, we surprise each other with our favorite throwback songs of the week.

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