November 9, 2016


Aaron Paul & Annabelle Wallis on the Appeal of 'Come and Find Me' & If They've Deceived a Lover

Since its inclusion on the 2012 Blacklist that highlights exciting films in the works, Come and Find Me has been one of the year's most anticipated releases thanks to the intriguing storyline of David (played by Aaron Paul), who tries to track down his missing girlfriend Claire (Annabelle Wallis) even after he realizes that she's been lying about her identity.

Fuse sat down with the movie's stars to chat about what attracted to them to the film, working with Zack Whedon on the first movie the TV writer has ever directed, and the experience of filming such a flashback-heavy film.

We also poked the actors to find out if they've ever taken any parts of the movie's storyline into their own love lives, and we found out who's a notorious liar about who eats too many cookies. (We can relate.)

Come and Find Me is in theaters and on demand on Nov. 11. Watch the teaser trailer below: