November 18, 2016


Destructo Talks Holy Ship! Festival & the Formula Behind Creating His Music: Watch

Destructo has been ruling the electronic music scene for almost a decade, and he does it all by sticking to a formula that he knows will work. Speaking to Fuse, the music executive and DJ breaks it all down:

"It starts off with a rap verse over a 124 BPM house record, and then it builds to a drop section so I can play it at my sets and people will rock out to the dance part. And then it flips back to the verse again. So it's trying to meld a real song and melody into house music."

The DJ also discusses Holy Ship!, an annual EDM festival that takes place on a cruise ship. "It just really creates a family atmosphere. You can be in the cafeteria having a slice of pizza, and in comes Fatboy Slim," he tells us.

After watching the interview, listen to Destructo and Problem reunite on their "Winning" collaboration below: