November 30, 2016


Lindsey Stirling Shares Heartwarming Guardian Angel Dog Story: Watch

The eclectic violinist stopped by with the only security she needed for the day— her four-legged best friend Luna Latte

During our chat with Lindsey Stirling at our Fuse office, she revealed her desire to own a pet and how life didn't permit it until last year. "Our family always had dogs and I always figured I'm too busy, I travel too much to have a dog,"  says the musician.  "This fall was when my life turned upside down ..."

The chihuahua pup couldn't have come at a better time for Stirling and she believes her best friend/guardian angel, Gavi, who passed last year, sent her a sign that Luna was the one. "I swear this dog was sent to me by an angel."

Watch as Stirling shares an emotional moment in her life and goes into detail about how she met the perfect pup. Then, watch more of the Los Angeles-based performer below as she describes working on her album Brave Enough and her magical collaboration with Disney & Andrew McMahon during an incredibly hard year.