November 28, 2016


'Jane the Virgin' Star Justin Baldoni Says Rafael is Def. Over Jane

Jane the Virgin had some real plot twists since its hailed beginnings in 2014 when Jane found out she was accidentally inseminated with her boss' sperm (her boss being Rafael, a.k.a. Justin Baldoni). And while this season opened with a strange love triangle, things have straightened out, and Rafael seems to be focusing more on being a good dad than pursuing Jane. But we're still left wondering, is Rafael actually, truly over Jane? We asked Baldoni himself when he visited the Fuse studios before Monday night's episode, which airs at 9/8c on The CW. 

"I do, actually," Baldoni said. "I know a lot of the fans don't, but I do think so. Rafael is a pretty strong guy. I don't know a lot of TV characters who have had to deal with as much as Rafael has to deal with in the past few years."

Baldoni also credits Rafael with having buckets full of resilience amid all the hardships he's endured in in his life, admitting that, ultimately, his character knows how to keep going strong.

"Once the love of his life committed to marrying someone else, I think he had a real reality check and he had to take care of himself," Baldoni said. Watch Jane The Virgin Monday at 9/8c on The CW.

Watch the full interview above, and then check out Baldoni telling his Thanksgiving story below: