November 7, 2016


Watch This Week's Guide to Pop Culture: A Tribe Called Quest's Final Album, 'Arrival' & More

It's tough to stay on top of every single thing going on in pop culture these days, but thanks to the latest episode of Listology, Fuse has got you covered on the must-know moments coming in music, movies, TV, gaming and more this week.

From Sister, Sister premiering on Fuse to Election Day and the release of Sony's Playstation 4 Pro Console, the release of the Nintendo NES Classic Edition to A Tribe Called Quest releasing their last album and Arrival hitting theaters, here's everything you need about this week with dates included.

Check out Episode 40 of Back of the Class where Fuse’s hip-hop and pop culture podcast discusses the final A Tribe Called Quest album, and their first in 18 years at the 15:10 mark.