November 23, 2016


OK GO Talk Preparing 'The One Moment' Video, Collaborating With Stephen Colbert

OK Go have done it again, with the viral video kings outdoing themselves with their latest music video.

"The One Moment" is the latest visual that's about to be plastered all over your news feeds this Thanksgiving holiday thanks to the Los Angeles–based outfit transforming 4.2 seconds of explosion footage into a full, gorgeous, 3:50 music video. The band's Damian Kulash and Tim Nordwind came to Fuse HQ to explain how they worked for six weeks to ensure that everything went off without a hitch—which included the members screaming in each other's ears.

The guys also explained how the visual helps spread the word of Morton Salt's inspiring new "Walk Her Walk" campaign and teased that the band is going to film a "mini OK Go video" with Stephen Colbert in the cold open for tonight's episode of The Late Show on CBS.

Watch the video for "The One Moment" below: