November 3, 2016


Selfie Style: DJ Eva Shaw Is Anti-Duck Lips

Before giving Fuse a rundown of what goes into an awesome selfie, DJ Eva Shaw listed what irks her most about some folks' selfie posts.

"I've seen some really weird selfies with the duck lips and the Zoolander face...It's a little much," she says, before moving onto her annoyance with photoshopped images. "Some people just put this filter where they have zero pores!"

So it's safe to say that Shaw is into more natural-looking selfies that don't require too much effort.

"I don't know about this light for a selfie," the producer gestures apprehensively at the lighting around her. "Some cameras have a selfie flash...I don't have that personally, but maybe I should."

Watch more Selfie Style below, courtesy of Jay Sean: