November 23, 2016


#TBT: Jared Cotter Croons 'Thanksgiving It To You'

To get you in the Thanksgiving spirit, we're resurfacing Jared Cotter's "Thanksgiving It To You" music video for this week's #TBT moment.

Originally aired in 2007 on Fuse's The Sauce, this epic production tells Cotter's commitment to roasting and consuming the perfect Thanksgiving turkey. From the recording studio to the dinner table, he proudly belts an ode to turkey giblets, breasts and thighs.

"I'm gonna rub you down / I don't want no excuses / I love your thighs / You're gonna love my juices," Cotter croons. "Then I'll inject you with a load of my stuffing / I'm gonna undress you like Vanessa Hudgens."

Some seriously steamy lyrics.

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