November 17, 2016


#TBT 2004: Metallica Describes Time of Conflict and Discovery

Metallica's long-awaited comeback is right around the corner, as the legendary metal band is set to drop Hardwired...To Self-Destruct on Nov. 18.

But despite the group's decades-long history, things weren't always smooth between members. In a 2004 episode of Fuse's Daily Download, Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield opened up about a conflict-heavy period, which was documented in the film Some Kind of Monster.

"We're figuring out who is who in this band at this moment now. You know, discovering each other's personalities, where they come from, why they're coming at you in such a way," Hetfield explained. "It was all just a discovery time for us. We didn't really know as much about each other [then] as we do now."

Check out another #TBT moment courtesy of Slipknot below: