November 2, 2016


Sir the Baptist Says 'I Prefer A Nobel Peace Prize Over a Grammy' at Voodoo Fest: Watch

Sir the Baptist has been bringing his spiritual energy to live stages all summer, and the Voodoo Music Experience crowd got a taste of him for the first time this year. The rapper spoke with Fuse about how he plans to stay in a different hip-hop lane:

"The one thing I desire to teach hip-hop is that relationships are much more important than the riches and the stunting and the bling. Building a relationship with people will give you something to talk about for the rest of your life in your career."

Watch above as Sir the Baptist continues to reveal the extensive process behind his upcoming Preacher's Kid debut album (out Jan. 13, 2017). He wants his legacy to be more than just music, saying "I would prefer a Nobel Peace Prize over a Grammy."

Below, watch Porter Robinson discuss his longtime friendship with fellow producer Madeon with us at Voodoo Fest: