November 14, 2016


​Young M.A Reveals How 'Ooouuu' Almost Wasn't: Fuse First Interview

Young M.A has secured one of 2016's breakout hip-hop stories thanks to the Brooklyn native's "Ooouuu." The spacey club banger showcases the MC's knack for witty bars and punchlines with that "Ooouuu!" shoutout becoming a signature hook.

Fuse is proud to name Young M.A our latest Fuse First artist, thanks to her rising hit, but when we caught up with the 24-year-old, she told us that "Ooouuu" wouldn't have taken over radio if it weren't for a fateful error during a recording session:

"I was originally going to change the 'Ooouuu' record. I was going to change a few things up, but when I get to the studio, he couldn't find the record for nothing—couldn't find the session, nothing, typing in my name, typing in 'Ooouuu,' everything. He's like 'Yo, bro, I can't find it.' And I'm like, 'That's God, that's gotta be.' And I left. That was the only reason I came into the studio, for that record, to change it up. And that's when I was like, 'Maybe it's just meant for it to be like this.'"

As the song rises into the Top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart this week, we think it's safe to say she made the right choice.

Young M.A adds that she knew people were feeling "Ooouuu," but it only truly broke out when people finally got to see its accompanying music video. 

"People was listening to it, vibing out to it, like 'Yo, this is crazy, this is hot.' But it wasn't until I put out the visual, that's was what really caught people...that's what really caught it, the visual, and people seeing how we move to the song."

Watch above for more from Young M.A, including her earliest memories and love of New York hip-hop. Throughout the next month, tune in to see the "Ooouuu" video and lots more exclusive content with our new Fuse First artist Young M.A on Fuse, and on the new Fuse TV app on Apple and Android. Find Fuse in your area with our Channel Finder.