November 21, 2016


Yousef Erakat Talks New Film 'We Love You' & Breaks Down His Flirting Style: Watch

Dating in this age of social media/Tinder/Bumble/whatever you're on is complicated enough, but a new film explores what happens when things get even more complicated.

We Love You sees best friends Ford (played by YouTube celeb Yousef Erakat) and Noah (Justin Dobies) falling for the same girl, causing them to flip the rules of romance on their head and have her date both of them. Yousef sat down with Fuse to talk about the unconventional film, how he differs from his uber-confident character, Ford—who he jokingly complains didn't get to kiss nearly enough girls during filming.

Watch the full interview above as the Streamy's 2016 Entertainer of the Year also breaks down his flirting style and what advice he would give his character. 

We Love You debuts exclusively on YouTube Red on Nov. 22 and will be available on other iTunes and other digital platforms on Dec. 6. Watch the official trailer to the flick below: