December 25, 2016


Holiday Movie Recap: 'A Christmas Story': Lying to Your Parents is Always the Right Choice

What better way to wrap up (see what we did there) Fuse's 25 Days To The Holidays countdown to Christmas than a LOL-inducing rundown of everyone's favorite movie to watch on Christmas day, A Christmas Story. Everyone remembers the '80s-made, '40s-set comedy about a young boy who just wants a damn BB gun for Xmas despite everyone telling him "you'll shoot your eye out, kid!"

Above, watch Chelsea White's tongue-in-cheek recap the modern-day Christmas classic and find out why its dysfunctional look at one family's holiday season, as told from the eyes of the young son, is a family favorite. Below, watch Chelsea White recap another holiday classic about a young boy always getting into trouble, Home Alone: