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25 Days To The Holidays

Holiday Movie Recap: 'Home Alone' Couldn't Actually Happen Today

"Literally ANYONE is allowed to have kids - It's crazy!" Comedian Chelsea White breaks down our fave Christmas movie about a kid whose family somehow forgets him at home when they jet off to Paris.

As part of Fuse's 25 Days To The Holidays countdown to Christmas, we got comedian Chelsea White to run down some classic holiday movies so you can spend "less time watching, and more time eating." First up? John Hughes' iconic family comedy Home Alone, starring a young, still-innocent Macaulay Culkin.

Above, watch Chelsea hit on the most memorable (and insane) parts of the classic, and explain why it wasn't just outlandish in the early '90s, but could probably never happen today. Below, check out WWE and Total Divas star Natalya reveal the worst Christmas presents she's ever received:

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