December 19, 2016


Holiday Confessions: A Christmas Affair

Fuse's 25 Days to the Holidays continues with another insane Holiday Confession where one Fuse visitor stopped by to fess up to an instance where he didn't let anything stop him from having a good time—not even distance. 

Back in 2004 as an young intern, our guest was determined to sneak into a media holiday party. He and a friend, who was also an intern, thought of a genius idea to get inside the "lit" event, but didn't quite consider how he would get back to Philadelphia afterwards. 

"The girl that I was with she lived in Long Island and she was like 'look let's stay, I don't want you to leave and we the only two people here and we kind of know each other. I'm comfortable with you just stay with me' I was like cool, that's great."

Watch above, to get all the juicy details on what happened after they reached Long Island. Then below, watch a ranking of things that are only allowed during the Christmas and holiday season: