December 15, 2016


Watch: 'Total Divas' Star Natalya Reveals the Most 'Unromantic Gift' Ever

In this special celebrity edition of Holiday Confessions, part of Fuse's 25 Days To The Holidays countdown to Christmas, Natalya admits to faking a few reactions when it came to receiving presents.

One Christmas, husband and professional wrestler, Tyson Kidd a.k.a. "TJ" gave her the perfect gift only a cat lover would adore—or so their former teammate Cesaro thought.

Cesaro suggested a gift for Natalya, sent TJ an Amazon link and TJ pursued. "And I get it on Christmas morning, it's this huge box TJ tried to wrap it, it was half wrapped. You could see what was in it because the tape was... TJ hardly wrapped it properly," says the WWE superstar.

But it's always the thought that counts... right? Maybe not. Find out what the superstar's husband got her for Christmas and watch her keep it real with her witty confession above, and watch Criminal Minds star, Shemar Moore, reveal the first time he caught a glimpse of much-too-jolly old Saint Nick below: