December 18, 2016


Holiday Movie Recap: 'Love Actually': A Bunch of People in Love & Stuff

In case you've never seen the romantic comedy Love Actually or would like a refresh, we have Chelsea White here to give a quick rundown with our Holiday Movie Recap web series—a part of Fuse's 25 Days To The Holidays countdown to Christmas. 

Chelsea digs into Richard Curtis' heartwarming flick starring a great selection of well-known English actors such as Huge Grant, Keira Knightley, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Andrew Lincoln and tons more. It's a debatable holiday-season classic about "a bunch of people and they are all like, in love and stuff."

Watch above, as Chelsea highlights the countless relationships and all the drama in between to help you get the gist of the film, and survive small talk at an upcoming holiday party. Below, check out our first holiday movie recap on John Hughes' iconic family comedy Home Alone: