December 24, 2016


Holiday Movie Recap: 'Miracle on 34th Street': A Lot of Macy's Product Placement

In the nick of time for the Eve of Christmas, we have just the solution for you to spend less time watching all the classics and more time arguing politics with family.  Chelsea White is smoothing out all the strange details of Miracle on 34th Street, as part of Fuse's 25 Days To The Holidays countdown to Christmas.

Regardless of whether you favor the iconic (Natalie Wood) or modern (Mara Wilson) version of character Susan Walker, the mysterious tale of a man who claims to be Kris Kringle is still appreciated and continues to work its holiday magic. 

Now watch above, put your trust in Santa "and know that you're not crazy because Santa is real you guys," as the comedian sprinkles on the festive cheer. Below, watch to find out which Fuse staffer has the ability to bob for candy canes, balance ornaments, and decorate human trees.