December 1, 2016


'Besterday' Podcast: Childhood Christmas Movies Galore... And Ludacris

This week's episode of Besterday (Fuse's super-cool nostalgia podcast) is all about the HO HO HOs (in every sense of the phrase). In episode 8, we're looking back at our favorite childhood Christmas movies, like Home Alone 2, Elf and It's a Wonderful Life. We also celebrate the 15th anniversary of Ludacris' Word of Mouf album, which, whether our parents liked it or not, was part of our childhood as well.

We also break down the latest news on upcoming movie remakes and music updates, like usual.

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This week, we talk about:

  • Ken Jennings' run on Jeopardy, when he racked up $2,520,700 in 2004
  • The sob story that is My Girl, which turns 20 this week
  • The latest Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movie news
  • Steve Aoki's "Blake Parade" remix for My Chemical Romance's big anniversary

Aaaaaaaand, we share our throwback songs of the week, so get ready to go back in time.

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