December 9, 2016


Jacob Latimore Talks New Album 'Connection,' Says Men 'Dish It Out, But Can't Take It'

Actor and singer Jacob Latimore may be just 20 years old, but he proves age ain't nothin' but a number when it comes to talent and hard work. He stole the show in the 2013 musical Black Nativity with Jennifer Hudson and Angela Bassett, and he's about to co-star alongside Will Smith in sure-fire hit Collateral Beauty. As if that's not enough for the young star, he just dropped his debut album Connection and stopped by Fuse to tell us about it.

Latimore says it was important the album's foundation is a soulful, R&B sound, and his only concern is if his fans like it. Explaining "Mutual," the latest song released before the album, Latimore says it's relatable because it's about relationships and "how a guy sees things from a different perspective after he has broken his girl's heart...when we do things, we can dish it out, but we can't take it."