December 12, 2016


Jacob Latimore Explains How He Played the Character of Time in Will Smith's 'Collateral Beauty'

In the upcoming film Collateral Beauty (out Dec. 16), Will Smith plays an advertising executive who suffers a great tragedy and retreats from life only to reconnect with the world by writing letters to the concepts of "Love," "Death" and "Time." Jacob Latimore plays the personified character of Time, and we had the singer-actor give insight to what it was like playing such an abstract character.

"I was like, 'Okay, Time: Black kid, Timberlands, hoodie—all right, okay, I see how this goes,'" the 20-year-old Latimore says with a smile. "I tried to represent the importance of time, what we do in this moment is important, and that time waits on no one; that we have to use our time wisely, and we're not going to be here forever and everyone around us isn't going be here for everywhere." 

Smart advice.

Watch the full interview above for more on Latimore and how Collateral Beauty "shows the power of communicating and engaging with the people around you" and the most unique aspect of the flick. Below, see Jacob chat about his new album Connection: