December 19, 2016


Sevyn Streeter Shares How Aaliyah Influenced Her New Single 'Before I Do'

The moment Sevyn Streeter dropped her slinky new single "Before I Do," listeners felt an undeniable connection to Aaliyah, with Fuse pointing out how the rising star was "embracing the late singer's effortless sound." Ms. Sevyn stopped by Fuse to talk about the new track and her connection to her muse.

"I know you hear the Aaliyah influences all throughout it and that is on purpose!" the singer says. "It's like all my love for Aaliyah poured out into that record. I'm obsessed with R&B from that time period too, the '90s and that music, and I'm really glad that people are taking a liking to 'Before I Do.' It's a very special record. Me and my team, we felt like that for a very long time."

Sevyn adds that Aaliyah's influence goes further than strictly music. "Aaliyah just represented so many different things," she continues. "She was just comfortable being her. Nothing was ever forced: Not the way she moved, not the way she sang, not the way she dressed. That's what I take away from her and her legacy."

Watch the full video above for more on Sevyn talking "Before I Do," Aaliyah, her fans and more. Then, below, watch Streeter's powerful interview where she explains why she's going back to the Philadelphia to perform the National Anthem after a public spat between her and the NBA team: