December 6, 2016


WTF Do You Do? On Set With Photographer & Creative Director Dirty Souf Yankee

In the latest edition of our new digital series WTF Do You Do? Fuse's own Juan Cadavid heads to Harlem tattoo studio Art 2 Ink to tag along for a photoshoot with professional photographer and creative director, Dirty Souf Yankee.

Dirty Souf, who's shot Nicki Minaj ("before she became famous...with no butt!"), R&B newcomer Ro James, and many more, shows us what goes into a successful shoot. It starts with a great location and the gear she prefers to work with, making sure she's prepared for anything.

It's not all about just the photographer. The setting, styling, makeup and more all contribute to a great shoot. Stylist London explains how he decided what outfits to pull for today's shoot, while Dirty Souf explains why it's important to marry the backdrop and fashion.

Watch our full day with Dirty Souf Yankee in Harlem above, then check out the last edition of WTF Do You Do? with pro-wrestling trainer Amazing Red below: