January 23, 2017


How Daniel Radcliffe Connected to Harry Potter in 2007: Watch the Classic Interview

For Class of 2007 Week, Fuse is celebrating all the greatest things culture gave us exactly one decade ago. Enjoy all our coverage right here. In 2007, Daniel Radcliffe had returned to his star-making role as Harry Potter four the fourth time for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. As expected, the film was a huge success—the second-biggest movie of the year with $940 million in sales—but this installment marked Radcliffe truly embracing his character's evolution.

"I'm very lucky," the then-17-year-old Radcliffe shared on classic Fuse show The Sauce. "Most people playing the same character for seven years would get very bored...Having played Harry for so long, I do know him very well, probably second to only Joe Rowling in terms of how well I know the character. So, every time I come back to play him again, he changes so much from each book, it is like playing a different character."

Watch the classic interview above for more with Daniel and stay in 2007 with Class of 2007 all week long on Fuse.

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