January 25, 2017


Famous Advice: Jay Sean Was Told to 'Be Wise' With His Money

If there's one crucial piece of advice Jay Sean took with him throughout his career, it's to spend his hard-earned money wisely.

The British star revealed that it was none other than Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men who first passed along those important words. "He was like, 'Be wise with your money, man...Invest it well. A lot of these young cats, they make a lot of money real quick, and they lose it,'" Sean recalls.

Instead of dropping tens of thousands on spur-of-the-moment purchases like jewelry and cars, Sean was advised to look into houses and long-term investments.

"The same amount of money you get in the first year of smashing it, you think that's gonna last your whole life—and it might not. Hopefully it does for you, but it might not. So you've got to be smart about it," he says.

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