January 25, 2017


Watch Matthew McConaughey & More Break Down Their Roles in New Film 'Gold'

It's a true adventure to star in a dramatic thriller that takes you on a journey to the largest gold find in history. Matthew McConaughey, Bryce Dallas Howard and Édgar Ramírez star in the Stephen Gaghan-directed feature, Gold, that does just that.

Based on true events of the 1990s Bre-X mining scandal, the film is an epic tale of one man's pursuit to obtain the American Dream. "I know a lot of these guys are never going to get the ticket to the American Dream, are never going to be invited in the front door of the American Dream. This is to where he's gotta get to, but how he gets it is one hell of a wild ride," McConaughey–who plays Kenny Wells–shares. 

Watch McConaughney, Howard (Kay) and Ramírez (Michael Acosta) discuss their roles and how the characters not being introspective plays out in a compelling way above. Gold hits theaters nationwide Friday, January 27. Check out the trailer below: