January 19, 2017


Supergroup Gone Is Gone Talk Debut Album 'Echolocation,' Big Future Plans: Video Interview

We were introduced to Gone Is Gone last April, drawn in by the fact that they're comprised of Mastodon's Troy Sanders, Queens of the Stone Age's Troy Van Leeuwen, At the Drive-In's Tony Hajjar and film composer Mike Zarin. In other words, a true supergroup. 

They hit us with the half-hour self-titled EP in July, then returned earlier this month with Echolocation, their debut album. "We didn't wanna people to think too long and too hard of the EP as what this band is," Zarin tells Fuse in the video above. Watch for yourself to hear more about Gone Is Gone's formation and what went into Echolocation, the project where they grew enough to "put color to our pencil sketch."

What can we expect next? As Troy Van Leeuwen says, the future will be "even more wide and tall, sharp and thick."

Read Fuse's in-depth 2015 interview with Troy Sanders, and catch our old school interview with Mastodon: