February 1, 2017


Life Lessons: MSTRKRFT Shares Crucial Travel Advice

If there's one experience that never fails to stress everyone the hell out, it's surely going to the airport. Whether it's losing your luggage or removing every item of clothing in security, traveling can potentially be a total nightmare.

"The airport lost our suitcases, so we had to wear the same clothes while performing for three days in a row," Jesse F. Keeler of MSTRKRFT tells Fuse.

Despite lack of luggage, Al-P (also known as Alex Puodziukas) assures us that only three personal items are absolutely necessary to continue on with life.

"Everything else is disposable except your passport, cell phone and computer. You can lose everything else. That's not really a lesson, but just something I think about every time I leave a hotel in a rush," he explains.

Next, check out a lesson on how to avoid being a screw-up, courtesy of Hatebreed's Jamey Jasta: