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Which Diet Shakes Taste the Best and Worst? Watch Our Taste Test

With so many different diet shakes on the market now, how can you tell if any are actually good? Watch Fuse staffers bravely (and blindly) taste test some shakes and give their hilarious, unfiltered reactions.

It's no secret diet "milkshakes" are the latest health craze taking off, but if you're new to the diet drink scene, where do you start? Some diet shakes taste like actual dessert, sans guilt, while some straight up taste like chemicals. That's where we step in.

We had a group of actual Fuse staff members "blindly" taste test five different diet shakes and filmed their reactions. The reactions are real and unfiltered so we hope this helps you make the right choice when trying your first diet shake.

Watch our diet shakes taste test above, and then check out another recent Fuse taste test where a manager tries special holiday editions of candy and snacks below:

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